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This is a theme for Domoticz with some great features.
Theme is also in progress with project machinon:

Designed in 2018 by EdddiN.


On your Raspbery Pi, go into the Domoticz directory via the terminal/ssh:

cd domoticz/www/styles
git clone machinon
sudo /etc/init.d/ restart

Copy settings.html to templates folder:

sudo cp ~/domoticz/www/styles/machinon/templates/Settings.html ~/domoticz/www/templates/

You may need to disable Custom menu if a visible wider space between Utility and Setup [SETUP -> Settings -> Active Menu]


cd domoticz/www/styles/machinon
git pull
sudo cp ~/domoticz/www/styles/machinon/templates/Settings.html ~/domoticz/www/templates/

Then you might have to push reset to default in theme settings in gui and clean browser cache.


Machinon is a Theme under developement.
In sept 2018 it's quite stable and looks promising

Theme Settings

Theme adds an extra page for theme specific settings and a About file where settings are explained Accessible under Setup -> settings -> Theme

Some Nice Features

Custom Settings page
Special settings page for better overview.

Dark theme
Like the header says a darker theme.

Standby Mode
Screen saver. Great if you use a tablet on the wall.

Switch intead of BigText
Switch in the upper right corner instead of text.

Popup options menu
A small popup for device options

Flexible device rows
Bigger screen more rows.


Report bugs, contribute to theme Machinon theme on github
Forum link