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Work in progress

Sleep as android is a sleep tracker and alarm app for your android phone. It has extended Tasker integration and we can use that to automate certain tasks around sleeping!

Requirements from Google Play Store:

Sleep as android functions as plugin for Tasker. For now you can use the json api from Domoticz to couple both.

Steps to do this:

  • Set your alarm in Sleep as android
  • Start Tasker and create a new profile (Click on "+" in the bottom bar)
  • Select event --> plugin --> sleep
  • Click on the pencil next to "configuration" now you see al the integration options.
  • For example click on "alarm started"
  • Click on the "<" in the top bar to go back
  • Add a new task and give it a name (for example "Wake up coffee")
  • Click on "+" and at an action (use net --> HTTP get)
  • Add server, port, and path of the Domoticz server with a coresponding device (for example turn on your coffee machine).
  • After you cancel the alarm, get out of bed and get your coffee.

Possible ideas With Tasker the ideas are endless however in combination with Sleep as android you could:

  • turn off the lights when you start sleep tracking
  • dim the lights a bit when its time to sleep
  • turn on your lights/coffee machine/boiler/anything on alarm
  • install both apps and try for yourself