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Samsung TV

Unfortunately there is currently no other way than scripting and using virtual sensors to add a Samsung TV to Domoticz. Luckily there are several ways to poll & control a Samsung TV To set up virtual devices see Virtual Weather Devices or Denon AV

  • CEC
  • IR
  • Network


See CEC section


You can do everything (and more) with the Network, no need for flacky IR signals. Still you can use an IR device to send the same codes. Lirc is an option or any other 433Mhz or Zwave device capable of sending codes, but I stopped using remotes a long time ago. The only remote currently in use is the one from the TV itself which controls through CEC the volume and Kodi. So here is room to add your IR knowledge, enlighten us ;)


To use the network capabilities of the Samsung TV, we are going to use command line interface to talk to (not with) the TV. Works only with series C, D, E and F.

Download Command Line

The command line interface can be downloaded (precompiled for osx and the raspberry pi (arm) from


  • Message Popup Capability
  • Remote Control
  • Youtube Search (? don't think we need it, but ok :-)

What it can't do

  • Read the current TV source
  • Read the current Volume
  • Get the TV out of Stand-by

The Series C and D (and E ??? onwards???) do not have wake-on-lan so you have to use a power switch, IR transmittor or CEC get it out of standby. Either turn the power completly off, power it on with a (z-wave, 433) power switch, and select the right input with script or use CEC (PulseEight Adapter or internal in the Pi) or an IR device. There is no other way except pushing the buttons on the remote or on the television itself.

Domotics Usage

Create a Dummy switch and us the "on action", "off action" or other actions to call the script with the correct parameters.

For example (Power off):
Samsung TV Power example

script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_POWEROFF

please note a power on command or wake-on-lan is not possible for the series C, D and F.

Another example (Mute):
Samsung TV Mute example
Script text:

script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_MUTE

Another example (TV Source):
Samsung TV Source
Samsung TV Source setup
Script text (please note the key commands are not what you expect):

script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_TV
script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_EXT30
script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_HDMI
script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_AUTO_ARC_PIP_RIGHT_BOTTOM
script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_COMPONENT1
script:///usr/local/bin/iSamsungTV F -KEY KEY_AUTO_ARC_PIP_WIDE