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Changing the manufacturer_specific.xml

The Popp Kfob has already been added to the manufacturer_specific.xml but under the manufacturer Z-Wave.Me My Kfob is recognized under manufacturer Popp and thus the manufacturer_specific.xml needs to be edited to support my Popp Kfob

Add the this to Popp:
<Product type="0100" id="0103" name="Popp KFOB-C Remote Control" config="zwave.me/ZME_KFOB-S.xml" />

For example:
<Manufacturer id="0154" name="Popp">
<Product type="0100" id="0103" name="Popp KFOB-C Remote Control" config="zwave.me/ZME_KFOB-S.xml" />

Note: I will create a pullrequest for OpenZwave for this. When it is included then this step is not needed anymore.

Adding the Popp Kfob to Domoticz

1. Reset the Kfob

2. Include (secure) the Software Remote in 'Gateway Mode', the new Node should now show up in the Nodes Table Notice you must use secure inclusion

Popp Kfob NodesTable.png

In the above case, the new node has ID 039 , that is 0x27 hexadecimal

3. Add the Controller (Node 1, the zwave USB stick) to all groups of the Kfob:


Popp Kfob GroupEditor.png

4. Select the Soft Remote node from the nodes table, and change the following parameters

1: In pair with double clicks
2: In pair with double clicks
11: Send Scene
12: Send Scene
13: Send Scene
14: Send Scene

Popp Kfob NodeSettings.png

Press the button labeled 'Apply Configuration' at the bottom of the above settings:

press a button on the remote to wake it, and wait about 10 seconds.

5. When you now switch to the 'Log' view, and press a button, you will see we have a connection:

You can press normal, long press, double press etc..

I suggest to press a button, then switch to the devices view, and you will see the last received button on top (if you order by date/time)

6. Remember to wake up the popp

by go to maintenance mode by pressing all for buttons (flashing green light) and the press button 2 (upper right) this will allow the popp to fetch the new settings.