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This Python Plugin helps you take care of your plants using cheap flower sensors that Xiaomi produces.

It can automatically scan for Flower Mate devices (default), or you can enter the mac addresses of the devices you want to use manually. In that case, enter the MAC address for each of your flower mates, separated by a comma, and the plugin does the rest.

The plugin will create 4 sensors (moisture, temperature, light, fertility score) for each Flower Mate.

It will also create a 'master switch'. When you toggle it, it will request fresh data from the Flower Mates.

Now you can just set a timer for the switch in Domoticz for whatever time(s) you would like to get updated data.

Remember to allow Domoticz to create new devices for the first start.


You need the Bluepy library to be installed. If you don't mind that python 3.5 is installed, just enter these commands in the terminal:

 sudo apt-get install python3-pip libglib2.0-dev
 sudo pip3 install bluepy

Alternatively, you can try:

 sudo python3
 sudo python3 -m pip install bluepy

Then, install the plugin like any other plugin: Using_Python_plugins

Download plugin from GitHub

If you are using the manual option, scan for your Flower Mates to find their mac-addresses by entering this command into a terminal:

 sudo hcitool lescan