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Python Plugins List

Note: There is a Python Plugin named as "Python plugin Manager (PP-Manager)" that can be used to install other plugins.
Still the plugin
prerequisites (if any) should be installed manually. Domoticz restart required after every plugin installation.
Currently Only for Debian Based Installations (Linux,Raspberry Pi)'

Plugin Name Legacy Plugin Name Link Available on
PP Manager
Python Plugin Manager(Linux Only) N/A
Battery monitoring for Z-Wave nodes ZWave Devices Battery Monitoring Plugins/BatteryLevel.html Yes (Weather lookup) Buienradar Weather Lookup Yes
Bluetooth Beacon Presence
Bluetooth MAC Ping Not tested
Crow Runner Alarm Crow/AAP Alarm IP Module Yes(v.1.5.6)
Daikin Airconditioning (BRP069A42) Daikin BRP069A42 WiFi adapter No (Legacy)
Denon/Marantz Amplifier Yes
Disc usage Yes
domoticz-storm-report ( Storm Reporting (Europe) No $$
DSC EnvisaLink DSC EnvisaLink Alarm Interface
Dutch earthquakes Yes
ebusd bridge Yes
EwpeSmart Air Conditioners via MQTT (Gree Smart)
GlobalCache GC-100 Yes
H801 LED WiFi controller Plugin H801 LED WiFi controller with Tasmota firmware
Hive Plugin Hive Active Heating Yes
Homewizard Yes
Hosola / Omnik solar inverter
IKEA Tradfri Trådfri Gateway (Ikea) Yes(v.1.5.6) $
iCloud device locator Not tested
Kodi Players Kodi
Ledenet / Ufolight RGB controller [
Life 360 Presence Life 360 Presence Detection Yes(v.1.5.6)
Linky Yes
MAC address presence Mac presence
MELCloud Control Mitsubishi AC [ -
Meteo Alarm EU RSS Reader Yes
Mikrotik RouterOS Yes $
Moon Phases Yes
Motherboard PSUtil Sensors
MQTT discovery Yes
NUKI Locks Not tested
Onkyo AV Receiver Onkyo receivers Yes
OpenAQ Yes
Paradox Alarm PRT3 serial interface Domoticz-ParadoxPrt3-Plugin
Parrot Flower Power & Pot plugin
Pi-hole summary Pi-hole Yes
PiMonitor Yes
Pinger (ICMP) Pinger
Pioneer AVR Yes(v.1.5.6)
RAVEn Zigbee energy monitor RAVEn Power Monitor Yes(v.1.5.6)
RFSwitches RF 433 Switches
Smart Virtual Thermostat Plugins/Smart_Virtual_Thermostat.html
SNMP Reader Yes
Sonos Plugins/Sonos.html Yes
Sony Bravia TV (with Kodi remote) Sony Bravia TV Yes
Speedtest Yes $
SYSFS-Switches GPIO SYSFS Switches Yes
UPS Monitor Plugins/NUT_UPS.html Yes
WAN IP Checker Yes
Xiaomi Mi Flower Mate Xiaomi Mi Flower Mates Yes $
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Yes $
Xiaomi PM2.5 Sensor Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Yes
Yamaha AV Receiver Yes
Zigbee2MQTT Yes
Ziggo Mediabox XL (Kodi remote) Ziggo Mediabox XL (Horizon)

$: Requires some pre-requisites to be installed. Check instructions.
$$: Cannot be integrated. Requires nested repository pull.

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