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Adding the NodOn ZWave Soft Remote to Domoticz

Please consult the manual during this tutorial. It is important that you follow the below steps.
Domoticz version during writing this wiki is #5065+

1. Reset the Soft Remote
2. Include (secure) the Software Remote in 'Gateway Mode', the new Node should now show up in the Nodes Table:

In the above case, the new node has ID 048 , that is 0x30 hexadecimal

3. Add the Controller (Node 1, the zwave USB stick) to Group 1 of the Soft Remote node:

4. Select the Soft Remote node from the nodes table, and change parameter 3 (Scene Type) to 'Scene Activation'

Press the button labeled 'Apply Configuration' at the bottom of the above settings:

press a button on the remote to wake it, and wait about 10 seconds.

5. When you now switch to the 'Log' view, and press a button, you will see we have a connection:

You can press normal, long press, double press etc..

I suggest to press a button, then switch to the devices view, and you will see the last received button on top (if you order by date/time)

our node had ID 0x30:

So..... now we have the buttons in Domoticz... and now you can create Groups/Scenes, and learn these buttons as activation code

OpenZwave Version: 1.4-2279-g7c8c27d-dirty and later:
Central Scene command class is now functional.
Settings for the Central Scene in Nodon Remote Configuration Parameters:
Parameter 1 set -> 2 Duo
Parameter 2 set -> 2 Duo
Parameter 3 set -> 0 Central Scene
In the ZWave Network Information:
Association Group 6 -> ID of the zwave device you want to control ( Dot & Circle)
AssociationGroup 7 -> ID of the zwave device you want to contol with (Plus & Minus)