Lost Username Password

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If you lost your username and password you can start domoticz with a command line argument that will bypass security.

Steps to perform:

- Make sure domoticz is stopped
- change to the folder where domoticz is installed
- start domoticz with

 ./domoticz -nowwwpwd

An example to perform this on a raspberry pi:

ssh to your machine (default username/password is pi/raspberry)

cd domoticz

stop the domoticz service

sudo service domoticz.sh stop

Wait at least 15 seconds and check if it is stopped before continuing:
sudo service domoticz.sh status

Start domoticz by hand (as root) with the command line argument:

 sudo ./domoticz -nowwwpwd

Now go to the settings page of domoticz, and verify or change:

- Admin username/password
- Local network settings

Also verify/change user settings (Settings -> More Options -> Users)