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Since version 1.1956 Domoticz has native support for the Logitech Harmony Hub [1]. The Harmony Hub can be used to switch infrared devices like your tv, amplifier etc. The Harmony Hub can combine several devices into an activity, like: 'Watch TV', which will switch on your STB, TV and amplifier and sets them to the correct inputs.

Harmony Hub in Domoticz

In Domoticz, the current activity can be viewed and set by using switches. You can also set triggers, send notifications etc. when the current activity changes so you can extend the functionality of your Harmony Hub. For example, when you activate the 'Watch movie' activity you can dim the lights and close the curtains.


In order to connect the Domoticz software to your Harmony Hub, you'll need to add a new "Logitech Harmony Hub" Hardware (Setup->Hardware) and provide the following data:

  • Remote address: The IP address of the Harmony Hub
  • Port: If you didn't change the port this will be 5222
  • Username: The e-mail address you used to program the Hub (MyHarmony application)
  • Password: The password.

After a successful connection is made (check the logs) the activities will be automatically be added to your device (Setup->Devices).

Do not forget to enable the 'Accept new hardware' option.


Please use the forum [2] for support.


Most of the used code is from the HarmonyHubControl project [3].