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This tutorial describes how you can revert to a previous version of Domoticz on the Raspberry Pi.

This is useful in case you upgraded to a beta release, but encountered some issues and want to go back to a stable version.

But, it is not recommended to revert back to a stable version!

Best to post the problem on the forum, and get things fixed!

Going back to a previous version can make your current database tables/content corrupt, it is strongly advised NOT to do this

Steps to perform

  1. First backup your database from the webGUI (Setup > Application settings > Backup database (in left menu)).
  2. Backup your /scripts folder so you can restore it after the fresh install.
  3. Login via SSH
  4. After you login check if you are in /home/pi (or just cd /home/pi/ to be sure)
  5. Then stop domoticz (sudo service domoticz.sh stop)
  6. Remove the domoticz folder (rm -rf domoticz)
  7. Make a new domoticz folder (mkdir domoticz)
  8. Go to that folder (cd domoticz)
  9. Then download the latest stable version (wget https://releases.domoticz.com/releases/release/domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz)
  10. Extract it (tar xvfz domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz)
  11. Remove the compressed file (rm domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz)
  12. Reboot (sudo reboot)
  13. Import your database backup (the 'domoticz.db' file).
  14. Reboot again (sudo reboot)

You should now be fully up and running again on the stable version instead of the beta

Also have a look at this forum thread for more information: http://domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4660.
User mbliek says that removing anything is not needed, and that running the commands below should be sufficient to get to the latest stable version:
(Needs to be run in the /home/pi/domoticz/ folder)
cd /home/pi/domoticz
wget https://releases.domoticz.com/releases/release/domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz
tar xvfz domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz
rm -f domoticz_linux_armv7l.tgz